Aboriginal Head Start Early childhood Educator Assistant/ Responsible Adult

Conayt Friendship Society is looking for a qualified and motivated individual for the position of Early Childhood Educator Assistant. Early Childhood Educator work as a team to provide a caring, safe, and nurturing environment and age-appropriate program for children 0 - 6 years of age.

General Responsibilities:

Ø   Follow BC childcare licensing regulations, Aboriginal Head Start policies and procedures, Conayt Aboriginal Head start Policies

Ø  Discuss the program’s daily events with family members at drop-off and pick-up times, connect and assist the elders

Ø  Adhere to Conayt Aboriginal Head Start Staff Manual and Parent Handbook

Ø  Provide a daily balance of active/quiet, indoor/outdoor, and individual/group activities

Ø  Carry out a daily schedule that incorporates child-directed activity, care routines and transitions times

Ø  Set up daily routines to take advantage of embedded learning opportunities that surrounds the 6 components of the Aboriginal Head Start

Ø  Organize space, equipment, and materials prior to activities.

Ø  Provide experiences that promote children’s understanding of their own and other cultures and value system.

Ø  Plan and carry out activities that promote problem-solving play with the Lead teacher of the room.

Ø  Represent and document children’s activities-display of children’s drawings and printing, portfolios

Ø  Participate in short- and long-term planning

Ø  Seek out opportunities to recognize and celebrate new developmental achievements.

Ø  Encourage and assist each child in carrying out daily routines.

Ø  Provide daily opportunities for each child to choose to be alone.

Ø  Engage each child individually each day.

Ø  Observe how children use the materials and interact with each other and adults.

Ø  Use observations to expand play and plan activities that recognize individual differences.

Ø  Work with resource staff and other specialists to plan, carry out and review individual program plans.

Ø  Set reasonable behavior expectations

Ø  Provide positive guidelines such as re-directing, positive language, and reinforcement.

Ø  Immediately address problem behavior without labeling the child.

Ø  Establish enjoyable daily eating routines.

Ø  Attend to children’s physical needs for diapering, toileting, eating and sleeping

Ø  Seek out opportunities to recognize and respect family’s child rearing practices


Ø  Basic ECE

Ø  First-Aid/CPR certification

Ø  Valid Driver’s License

Ø  Compliance with Conayt Friendship Society COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Ø  Ability to build and maintain positive relationships with children, parents, and co-workers and ensure consistent positive, professional communications with them

Ø  Fluent in knowledge of child-care development, guidance and discipline, routines, and transitions

Ø  Strong work ethic: self-motivated individual who has initiative

Ø  Ability to assist with set up of classroom to facilitate a positive, cultural, learning environment for children

Ø  Ability to manage time efficiently and multi-task in a dynamic environment

Ø  Track record of being able to work collaboratively in a team, but also able to work independently with initiative

Ø  Creative and independent problem solver


The successful candidate must pass a Criminal Record Check. As per section 16 of the Federal Charter of Human Rights Act, preference will be given to applicants of Aboriginal Ancestry.

We thank all individuals for their interest, however, only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.


Position open until filled

Please Submit a cover letter and resume to: Cassandra Joseph, Program Director  Email: programdirector@conayt.com



AHS Early childhood Educator Assistant/ Responsible Adult
Conayt Aboriginal Headstart- ECE Assista
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