Circle of Courage Mens Group

The Men’s Circle of Courage group is offered year round, every Wednesday from 12-2 pm. Starting with lunch and usually followed by a guest speaker, the group offers a strong support system for all men seeking a healthy lifestyle. Guest speakers offer testimonials on how they were able to change their own lives, with topics like drug and alcohol use, as well as gambling addictions.


Other important topics like relationship breakdowns, anger management, traditional parenting roles and cultural connections are tackled as well, grounded in the seven sacred teachings of courage, respect, wisdom, humility, honesty, love, and truth.


The group, led by Conayt Mental Health and Addictions Counsellor Richard Jackson, is open to men of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Richard also offers one-on-one sessions, and while the work usually starts this way, the group is a powerful tool because it makes the men Richard works with realize they are not alone; many people struggle with mental health and addictions problems of all kinds, intensified over the last few years by the Covid pandemic, high unemployment, and natural disasters like fires and floods.


The Men’s Circle of Courage group builds important coping skills by highlighting the consequences of one’s actions and empowering participants to take responsibility and be accountable for their lifestyles. Richard is also able to make referrals for participants who need specific support. 


Talking Circles, healing workshops, and peer support are part of the strategies in the group, and we encourage men of all ages and regardless of ethnic background to join. Please call Cassandra or Richard at 250.378.5107 to register.


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